Message from China to Denmark and the world about how the virus changed the Chinese daytime life.

Message from China to Denmark part 1.

Today I write to my chinese friend in Beijing.

Dear Yan. I’m curious about you would like to write a short message about how the virus changed the Chinese daytime life.

A little about how how long you have to stay away from work until now. Do you have rules to go outside and buy food in supermarkets.

Just so we danish people and rest of the world can learn how to respect each other as long this virus go on.

Because from today, all danish public servants must stay at home for 14 days including me.

She write:

14 days is very short in my eyes, we r in the fourth 14 days now???

not everyone stay at home, actually many people have to work harder than usual, e.g. hospital, policemen, people in supermarket, community workers, express delivery companies, cleaners, we could stay at home safety because they are working very hard, we all thanks them very much.

When you were asked to stay at home for 14days? It’s because the virus incubation period is at least 14days, but it could be 28 days by Chinese experience.

Since 21st.Jan I started my Chinese new year’s holiday til now, I just go once to our office to connect the office phone with my mobile, otherwise only go twice a week for food in supermarket and once a week in OL park for fresh air, but whenever I go out, I always wear mask, everybody wears mask in China now, u should be aware how terrible is the Coronavirus, there were so many people died of Coronavirus in China, nobody should ignore it

For u in DK, I strongly suggest you to wear a mask when you have to go out, coz by Chinese experience, many people when they got infected, they don’t feel anything at the beginning, no fever or cough, so they don’t ever know they are infected, but they have virus, and they can easily infect others, if u ask me how easy? Just 15 seconds they could infect others who stand in 1.5 meters distance with the infected people, and the spreader rate is more than 3.5, that’s even higher than SARS.

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Chinese government recommends:

Firstly mask, 2nd. Washing hands carefully, 3rd. Using 75% medical alcohol to disinfect the cell phone, the jacket, the keys, 4. Not going outside unless it is necessary.

And in Wuhan, the whole family dead together because of the virus, someone said the virus mainly attacks old people, but what we heard is young people 30+also dead, so don’t just take Coronavirus similar as flu, Coronavirus is much more dangerous.

By my estimate, we have to wait until April to go back to work, and the same for all students, now they are study online.

My friend write again 18. Marts.

I have a school friend who is living in Finland, she said when she go out with the mask, still many people glare at her.

What abt in DK, do people go out with masks? Do you prepare masks? Conoravirus is pneumonia, a respiratory system disease, so the first step to protect the respiratory system is wearing a mask, it is a very obviously principle, I donot know why many European people with high level education do not understand it. Many European country governments said to their people no necessary to wear the masks coz there are no enough masks for everyone, Doctors and nurses should have the priorities to using the masks.

But when you have the masks, you should use it to protect yourself, and also let ur family know it!!

Try to see videos on YouTube of Italian people wear masks when they went to supermarket, then u will c, in Italy there are the most infected people in Europe.

See video here>>

U should be responsible for ur own life, wearing masks hurts no one, protect yourself and also protect others.

Thank you Yan

Kind Regards Soren –

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(Pictures from my trip to China and The Great wall 2006)